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Sunset Beach Oysters™ - Our signature oyster, is grown all over Hood Canal and comes in all sizes. Sunset Beach oysters are known for they're mild brine and firm texture following a crisp clean taste. These oysters can be served in almost anyway, half shell, pan fried, deep fried, grilled and everything in between! These appetizing oysters have endless possibilities.

-Harvest Area: Hood Canal, WA.

-Year Round Availability 

-Beach grown, wave action makes for a hard shell.

-2 to 6 inches w/ a Medium cup  

Wildcat Cove Oysters™ These chunky little pacific oysters are grown in the mouth of Little Skookum Inlet where they're harvested after two years. This lengthy process leaves these oysters' shells naturally ridged with a deep cup ideal for shucking and serving half shell. The wildcat cove oyster is our most favorited oyster for its smooth, plump meat and sweet, delicate melon flavor.

- Harvest Area: Skookum Inlet, WA.  & Totten Inlet, WA. 

- Seed is grown in bags then finished on the beach to promote thick hardened shells.

- Year round availability.

- Medium to deep cup. 

- 2-3 inches.

Cannery Point Oysters™ - Our newest addition to Sunset Beach Oyster Company is the Cannery Point Oyster. These tasty little pacific oysters are grown in the waters of Hammersley Inlet, WA. Our Cannery points' have full, firm textured meat filled with a briny, fresh from the sea flavor and a cucumber finish and are great for serving half shell.

- Harvest Area: Hammersly Inlet, WA.

- Seed is grown in bags then finished on  the beach to promote hard shells for clean, easy shucking.

- Medium to deep cups. 

- 1.5 - 4 inches in size. 

Olympia Oysters - Olympia oysters are the only oysters native to the Pacific Northwest, specifically Totten Inlet, WA. These are rare little plump oysters that are plentiful in an earthy copper flavor. Little Olys are a well known, exceptional treat.


Manila Clams - The Manila clam is a delicate, sweet clam with a beautifully striped shell. These tender little clams are tasty any way they are prepared and are available all year long, in various sizes.